Kiwha Lee Blocman's praxis ranges from painting, printmaking, 4D, installation to semiotics—speaking directly to visual perception and human behavior. Nominated for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2019, she has exhibited in New York, Singapore and Sydney with works in collections internationally. Kiwha was selected by the Visual Arts Development Association for the 'Untapped' series as one of ten artists in Singapore to discover in 2016 and was also a finalist for the Harper's Bazaar Art Prize 2016. She has been featured in Vulture magazine and The Business Times among others. 

Kiwha is currently working towards her MFA in Studio Art (Painting) at Hunter College in New York City. She attended Columbia University's School of Art in 2015 (Painting), held residency at Chautauqua Institution in 2016 (Painting) in New York and the NPE Art Residency in Singapore in 2018. Having attended UNSW College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia first then the University of Technology Sydney, her background holds a breadth of visual skills: new media, animation, spatial and object design along with all means to communicate space visually—of which the history of painting and seeing play an integral role. Drawn to art with technology and communication, Kiwha headed up Apple's brand planning for Japan as an original core team member of TBWA\Media Arts Lab (Apple's dedicated, confidential California-based creative incubator) during a pivotal time in the brand's history (lead up to 2007's launch of the iPhone). Having tasted firsthand what it is to help change culture, Kiwha today channels the empathy and knowledge developed over a lifetime of living as a 'culture miner'—keenly interested in philosophy, social anthropology and brain science to explore the shapes of identity, time and inequality. Kiwha asks questions about what painting is in the 21st century and the cultural perceptions it can challenge in an increasingly biased and siloed world. 

The daughter of an urban planner academic and a novelist, Kiwha was born in Seoul and raised on four continents, namely in the cities of New York, Sydney, Seoul, Boston and London.  Kiwha continues to gain visual and spiritual inspiration from frequent travel.